Card Magic - Your Card at Your Number!

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"The 27 Card Trick" IMPOSSIBLE Mathematical Card Trick. Its beauty lies not in the performance but in the mathematics behind it.
It relies on writing numbers in "base 3" and depends on how we arrange the cards into piles.
A few people realise that there are numerous tricks that can be performed using seemingly unrelated areas of mathematics. The 27-card trick is one such trick.

This is an advanced version of the "21 Card Trick" developed by the Mathematician Matt Parker who made this video( and here (, showcasing and explaining the entire card trick.
Developed by: - Coded by: Saksham Nanda (Full Stack Developer) - Australia

1) Select any number from 1 to 27
2) Select any random card from the shown cards.
3) click the rows 3 times where your card appears subsequently after shuffling.
you card appear at your private thought number!



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