Rhyme Times

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Welcome to STEM gaming! Learning rhymes is an important first step for pre-schoolers and can continue to help students as they progress through kindergarten and first grade!

By isolating syllables and phonemes in words, kids can get better connect written letters to the sounds they produce. Get started with the ideas above to make simple, yet fun, rhyming games to enhance your early learner’s literacy skills!

The game is developed with STEM theme and have no ending. STEM Times is an active learning series of Kid’s Game being developed by us on STEM educational theme at www.examtimes.co

Every thing is created at run time and so have random outcomes. It is coded by Saksham Nanda. (Full stack developer). if you want your own custom themed GAME, contact us

Game music is from “Two Fat Gangsters”, from PlayOnLoop.com,Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0
The Game graphics are from freepik.com

The game is a learning activity and has 175 levels. Please report for any bug/error so that it may be fixed.
Have fun with this brain game activity for learning cognitive skills with fun especially for kids! Your suggestions may be valuable for us!

Words that have the same ending sounds are called rhyming words. Click two picture that rhymes in each row.



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