Mighty Four Fours-an old challenging math problem.

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If you like challenges and often pride yourself on your mathematical brilliance, then it is for you.

This is an old math problem in which you are challenged to use four 4s and any operations to write equations that have the numbers from 0 to 100 as the answer.

The four fours problem was published in the “Mathematical Recreations and Essays” written by W.W Rouse Ball in 1914, who nonchalantly described the problem as “tradition recreation”. However, the whimsical puzzle is known to have been first conjured in the 19th century, and its popularity was at its zenith around 1890.

We are reviving interest in this puzzle.

Developed by: - www.games4studies.com. Coded by: Saksham Nanda (Full Stack Developer) - Australia. Available for free lancing and challenging projects!

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