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Tangrams are Fantastic STEM Activities
There are so many educational benefits to using tangram puzzles. Challenging students to work with tangrams is an incredibly effective and creative way to build their foundational skills in a range of subjects. These simple shapes enable children to learn about a range of themes such as colour, shape, pattern, and size. They also help young children develop an incredibly early understanding of Geometry and Engineering.
Tangrams originated in China over 200 years ago. They are mathematical puzzles that take advantage of the simple concept of using basic shapes to create larger, or more intricate shapes and objects. Traditionally, the Chinese puzzle was a square divided into seven pieces called Tans. Each of the pieces had a different shape, including:
• 2 large right triangles
• 1 medium-sized right triangle
• 2 small right triangles
• 1 small square
• 1 parallelogram

You have to solve the puzzle by arranging the pieces (Tans) in the correct order to get them to fit back into a perfect square. They also came in patterns that could be arranged into a rectangle, or an equilateral triangle.



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