I-Spy (Hidden objects)

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Welcome! I-Spy (Hidden objects) is an educational puzzle that is more than just seek-and-find activities. It's innovative, expertly crafted, and full of the challenge. It’s what we like to call Fun with a Purpose!

In these activities provide many developmental and skill-based benefits for children fun and are designed to:

1. Promote attention to detail.
2. Increase vocabulary.
3. Develop self-confidence.
4. Improve visual perception.

The game is developed with STEM theme and have no ending.

STEM Times is an active learning series of Kid’s Game being developed by us on STEM educational theme at www.examtimes.co

Every thing is created at run time and so have random outcomes. It is coded by Saksham Nanda. (Full stack developer). if you want your own custom themed GAME, contact us.

Game music is from “Two Fat Gangsters”, from PlayOnLoop.com,Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0
The Game graphics are from freepik.com

The game is a learning activity and has no end. Please report for any bug/error so that it may be fixed.

Have fun with this activity for learning currency with fun especially for kids! Your suggestions may be valuable for us!

Made with construct 3 r257 template and is heavily moderated. easy to reskin and add more levels.

1. Drag the screen to pan around.
2. Click on the hidden objects to collect them.(Try clicking the center of hidden objects)
3. There is penalty of wrong clicks.
4. Beware of time.
5.Complete all the six levels.
6.Press Hints Icons to get some information about Hidden Object



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