Fun Scripts: Guess My Age

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Guess My Age is an amazing mathematical trick, that you can use surprising your friends or can fill the empty space for webpages for more interactivity.

Guess age script is based on binary selection. It guesses user age based on the choices he/she make in the app. This is an awesome magic trick that will put you in splits.

Note : At the moment this trick can only be done for ages 1-63 so make sure the spectator is in that age range.

Game math logic is translated to C3. See below for more information

Developed by: - Coded by: Saksham Nanda (Full Stack Developer) - Australia.

Available for free lancing and challenging projects!

Recite Your age silently. Don't give any hint here, just keep it in your mind and follow the instructions.
Click series of YES or NO choices, if you see your age on every screen and viola! the app tells you your age!



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