Dusheerra: burn 10 inner evils

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Hindu festival Dussehra symbolizes the victory of good over evil. The day is celebrated to remember Lord Ram's victory over Raavan.

Commit to burn 10 inner evils and live a fulfilling life.
Do something meaningful on this day and get rid of 10 bad qualities to mark the victory of good over evil.

A template developed for educational purpose. Have Fun!

This activity is a learning process and is developed with STEM theme. STEM Times is an active learning series of Kid’s Games being developed by us on STEM educational theme at www.games4studies.com

Everything is created at run time. It is coded and updated by Saksham Nanda. (Full stack developer, Australia). if you want your own custom themed GAME/simulation, contact us.

Please report for any bug/error so that it may be fixed.

Your aim is to kill all 10 evil heads. The main head is most powerful and can be killed after killing all other subsequent heads.



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