Animals Venn CHO

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Welcome! Animal Venn CHO ia an Animal Sort Activity about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores animals with venn diagram.

This sorting activity will help your child to gain a greater understanding of the diversity that exists within the animal kingdom.There is a huge amount of animals that you can learn about !

This game activity works brilliantly once you've already done some work with your class on the classification of animals between carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.

The illustrations are attractive for little ones and helps them quickly learn lessons that accompany about solar system and space. Game have in build 3d animations rendered in iclone.

The game is developed with STEM theme and have no ending. STEM Times is an active learning series of Kid’s Game being developed by us on STEM educational theme at

Everything is created at run time. It is coded and updated by Saksham Nanda.(Full stack developer, Australia). if you want your own custom themed GAME, contact us.

The game is a learning activity and has no end. Please report for any bug/error so that it may be fixed.

Decide whether the animal is an herbivore, omnivore or carnivore and click category boxes to place it correctly on the venn diagram. You have to choose 15 correct responses from 20 tries with three hints.3 hints are available if coins stands more than zero. Enjoy!



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